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The Sylvan 'Weigh'

Posted by Ali Dougherty on Jun 10, 2014

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Sylvan Learning is always looking for ways to assist its corporate employees with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is offering yoga classes during lunch, discounted memberships to a variety of fitness centers or providing healthier options in the vending machines, Sylvan is invested in its employees' health.

Recently, Sylvan Learning partnered with CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, its health care provider, to launch "Your Weigh...Together" for corporate employees. The three-month group weight management program aimed to support individuals in transforming the way they approach weight management. Sylvan extended the opportunity to participate in the program to all corporate employees who were seeking group and individualized support to adopt a healthy lifestyle with a sound approach to nutrition, exercise and behavior changes.

The program included 10 weekly group sessions, as well as pre-and post-program measurements. Each participant received a workbook, access to a web-based food and activity tracking tool, nutrition booklet and a digital pedometer. The topics that were discussed each week included:

  • Preparing to be Successful
  • Calories In–Make Them Count!
  • Calories Out–Move That Body!
  • Dealing with Emotional Eating
  • Take Your Exercise to the Next Level
  • Healthy Eating from Cart to Kitchen
  • Eating Out–Healthfully
  • Reduce the Weight of Stress
  • Smart Snacking
  • Staying on Track

Sylvan had a total of 18 corporate employees participate in "Your Weigh...Together," that just reached the half-way mark of the 10-week program. We are proud to announce that the participants have already achieved a total weight loss of 54 pounds.

Along with the participant's improvement of their health, they also found that this program improved morale and productivity in the workplace. Sylvan is proud to continue to promote a healthy lifestyle among its employees!

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