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Things are Heating Up with Summer Learning at Sylvan

Posted by Ali Dougherty on Jun 9, 2014

Many people think that because we are in the education franchise business, our corporate employees get to take a break for the three months of summer to relax, lay by the pool and catch up on some light reading. Well, while we do encourage our employees to take vacations to enjoy time with family and friends, summer is busier than ever for our team. 

What a lot of people don't know is that Sylvan aims to arm its franchisees with as many resources as possible to continue to build awareness of Sylvan's programs and maintain a steady amount of traffic throughout the summer. Our corporate employees have been conducting brainstorming sessions, meeting with Center Directors and consulting with educational experts to think of new and exciting ways to help kids avoid summer learning loss.

Summer Learning Loss - Child Studying on iPad

We have come up with 10 summer camp sessions, each designed with engaging activities and games to make summer learning fun. Each Sylvan summer camp focuses on a specific skill or subject area — from math skills, to reading, to writing techniques — so kids can boost their confidence where needed. The goal of Sylvan summer camps is to pick up where the classroom leaves off, blending the latest teaching methods, engaging activities and games, and a fun rewards system to inspire kids in learning.

With the roll-out of our Sylvan summer camp materials to all centers throughout the country, our corporate team has been monitoring communications and fielding questions and feedback to ensure the success of the Sylvan summer camp program. That's the beauty of developing such great partnerships with our franchisees - we get instant feedback of our program ideas so we can make tweaks and ensure profitability of both parties.

With the Stay Ahead of The Curve: Summer Learning Loss Campaign in full swing, our corporate team has been monitoring communications and fielding questions and feedback to ensure success.

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