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Thought Leadership for Franchises

Posted by Laura Dunn on Jun 28, 2016

Many C-suite executives and entrepreneurs appear to be embracing thought leadership. Is this just a trend or something that a franchise should be considering longer term?

Thought leadership is an effective form of content marketing, enabling you to answer the most influential questions or topics in your industry whilst providing an opportunity to demonstrate your experience, passion and detailed knowledge. Thought leadership is most effective when it informs, educates and entertains - a tricky balance between three key elements!


Want to introduce thought leadership to your communications strategy? Here’s the reasons why you should be considering it.


Reputation building: Thought leadership is a fantastic way to build both your personal reputation and that of your franchise. Providing instant exposure, your comments on an industry topic or current news event can help to position you as a market leader and someone that other professionals should take seriously.

Reach new audiences: Thought leadership can help you reach new audiences and is an effective tool for seeking out new partnerships. Posting on platforms like LinkedIn and Medium are positive ways to increase your reach and exposure. Also post on Twitter and participate in Twitter hours and chats to increase your network.

Industry expert: Positioning yourself as an industry expert through thought leadership is an effective networking tool, and opens up the endless possibilities for collaborative working and new business opportunities. Make yourself available as an expert for local and national media, providing helpful updates and timely information to reporters when they need a comment.

PR technique: Thought leadership should form a central part of your public relations approach, with your personal story shining through. Use your experiences to create compelling PR angles and be honest about you and your franchise’s journey.

Engagement: Thought leadership doesn’t just have to be in written form. Consider using interactive media like videos, live chats and infographics to present your message as well as entertaining your audience.


How could thought leadership benefit your franchise? Leave your thoughts with us below.

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