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Tips to Build Your Franchise through Customer Service

Posted by Susan Gunelius on Nov 17, 2015

Amazing customer service builds customer loyalty and boosts word-of-mouth marketing. How many times have you heard this? I’m guessing more than once. But are you actually delivering amazing customer service?


Every time a current, prospective, or past customer interacts with your business, your staff has the ability to make or break the relationship. That’s why amazing customer service should be a top priority for every employee (even if they don’t directly interact with customers on a daily basis).


Amazing customer service shouldn’t be optional, and all employees should be held accountable for delivering the best customer experience at all times. That means you need to train your employees to deliver great service, set specific expectations that they’re required to meet, and offer rewards for employees who consistently create positive customer experiences.


But that’s not all. Great customer service doesn’t just create happy existing customers. It also creates new customers, because people who are happy with a business talk about it with their friends and family. Word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of marketing.


Are your employees making an effort to create happy customers beyond a single transaction? Have they been trained to turn customer interactions into brand buzz and additional purchases?


To help you build your franchise through customer service, here are three opportunities that you can pursue right now:


1. Think Beyond the Moment

Today, every customer experience has the potential to be a global experience because both satisfied and dissatisfied customers are highly likely to talk about their experiences with businesses and brands on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Since every customer interaction can spread to people around the world, your employees need to understand the ramifications of the service they provide. A negative customer service experience can damage a brand within minutes!


Every employee should always consider how his or her behaviors and words affect the business and brand if they spread on social media. Positive brand experiences lead directly to additional sales and word-of-mouth marketing. Negative brand experiences do the opposite.


2. Think Speed

Customers are used to instant communications in today’s digital world, so they need to be able to contact your franchise and get answers to their questions easily. You need to be accessible not only through phone and email but also through social media.


People have too many options at their fingertips today. Rather than wait to get an answer or information from one of your employees, they’ll move on to the next brand or business that can answer their questions or give them information exactly when they need it.


3. Think Cross-Sell and UpSell

Your employees should be trained to suggest other products or services to each customer that might complement their original purchases. Don’t harass customers with cross-sell and upsell offers. You don’t want to create a negative brand experience.


Review all of the products and services you sell and create a cross-sell and upsell opportunity matrix. Teach your employees how to use it because believe it or not, many of them might have no idea which products or services to recommend based on a customer’s original purchase. Never assume that your employees get it. It’s up to you as the leader to make sure they understand and can actually implement your plan.


The Takeaway

Bottom-line, if you’re not already prioritizing customer service and leveraging customer interactions as marketing opportunities, you’re missing out on easy ways to build your franchise through customer service. Follow the three tips above, and you’ll be on your way to boosting your brand and your sales.