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Tips to Productively Work Remotely

Posted by Laura Dunn on Nov 24, 2014

Running a business around a part-time job can be challenging, and I often work remotely away from my home office. Working remotely is a subject that divides conversation, but I have found the following tips help me to be productive and complete my tasks.

Find a location that works: I visit my local Starbucks several times a week, and this spot has become my favorite for remote working. There’s an out-of-the-way table that I always try and get and the baristas know my order when I work in the door. It’s like a home away from home!

Carry a pair of earphones: I always carry my earbuds in my bag to block out any unwelcome noise or to immerse myself in some motivational music.

Download apps that eliminate distractions: While I personally haven't had to resort to this, check out apps that block you from using distracting websites for a certain period time. FocusMe is a popular one!

Keep a tight schedule: Write down what needs to be achieved before you set off to work remotely. I always have a pad and pen handy to do this- it feels so satisfying when I cross something off my list!

Change your view: Remember to schedule in regular breaks, such as a ten-minute walk around the block to revitalize your mind.

Hydrate: Don’t forget to have a bottle of water handy to keep you hydrated throughout your tasks- it’s one thing that I do without fail!

What are your top tips for working remotely? Let us know in the comments!


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