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Top tips for increasing your Instagram reach

Posted by Laura Dunn on Mar 16, 2016

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with an estimated 300 million active monthly users. Instagram users have shared over 30 billion photos, with on average, 70 million photos shared per day.


Instagram is truly a global phenomenon, with 85% of top brands using the social media platform to communicate and engage with their customers. 


The photo-sharing platform is perhaps the most important social network that you should be signed up to. From pictures to mini moving videos, here are some top tips for increasing your Instagram reach.


Target your audience: create and share content aimed towards your key demographic. Share photos that you know will appeal, using the visual content to create and maintain important engagement opportunities.


Consistency: deliver content in a way that meets the expectations of your audience. Create a posting schedule, detailing how many times a week you will post and what time/s the posts will be live. Be consistent with the type of filter you select for your image and the other social networks you share it on.


Engagement: don’t be afraid to engage with your users once posting your images. Reply to comments and follow back those who follow your profile. Explore what else is out there, liking images that complement your brand and interests, as well as using hashtags and geo tagging to further the reach of your content.


Influencers: working with notable individuals or ‘influencers’ is a great way to increase your standing on Instagram. Use this technique as part of your digital and marketing plan, working with an influencer who has the trust of your target market and industry.


Paid advertisements: for a business to truly enhance its reach, paid ads must be part of the plan. Start off small, and promote posts that speak to your core audience and the products/services that you provide. Use analytics and tracking to monitor the performance of the adverts before embarking on a wider, paid campaign. 


Do you use Instagram to promote your business? Share your thoughts with us below!