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Top Tips for Organized Working

Posted by Laura Dunn on May 20, 2015

Be organized is crucial to the success of your business or franchise. I can’t work effectively unless my desk is clean, I have a list and my schedule is telling me where and when I need to be somewhere.

In reality, most people aren’t as organized as I am, but with these tips, you can bring some order and organization to your business.

Time management: iCal is my best friend. I schedule all my appointments and have automatic reminders take place 15 minutes before I am due to be somewhere. Amidst the work appointments, make sure you block out relaxation time whether it be exercise, time with friends or a simple power nap if you feel you may miss them!

Lists: everyday I consult with my list on what needs to be done. I write a new list every Sunday, and have great pleasure in crossing off completed tasks. I’ll often update my list mid week to ensure it is up to date.

Tidy the desk: a tidy desk equals a tidy mind! At the end of every day I tidy my desk, putting items back where they should be, recycling any trash and generally getting things in order. Be regular with this habit!

Consistent with paperwork: paperwork builds up, and we’ve all experienced the point where you’re drowning in receipts or printouts. Every week I do my paperwork, ensuring that receipts are filed away and documents are put in folders where I can access them. Don’t limit yourself just to physical documents- make sure you do a frequent digital detox of your files, applications and inbox.

How do you stay organized when working? Share your tips with us!