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Sylvan Franchisee Spotlight - Tony Brogan

Posted by Tony Brogan on Feb 5, 2015

Retail Executive

Meet Tony Brogan, who left his executive role at JC Penney to become a Sylvan multi-unit franchisee in Dallas, TX.

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Why I am Starting to Keep a Business Diary

Posted by Nick Powills on Jan 29, 2015

This winter, I felt like my emotions were all over the place. So I got to thinking. As a business owner, maybe this could be something worth tracking to see how my mood is affected by the time of the year and the happenings in the business (and my life in general).

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5 Tricks to be a Better Public Speaker to Represent Your Franchise

Posted by Susan Gunelius on Jan 22, 2015

As a franchise owner, you have to present your business and products to people all the time. Whether you’re delivering presentations to clients and business partners or you’re speaking at an industry or community event, if your public speaking skills are poor, your audience won’t remember you or your franchise for the right reasons.

Your goal in every presentation is to motivate people. Yes, your content should be motivating, but you have to be motivating, too. When it comes to public speaking, delivery matters—a lot!

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5 Negotiating Tips to Boost Franchise Sales

Posted by Susan Gunelius on Jan 14, 2015

As a franchise owner, you need to know how to close sales or you won’t be in business for long. The best marketing campaigns, the most competitive prices, and the most desirable products and services can bring people to your virtual or brick-and-mortar door, but it’s often up to you and your employees to close the sale.

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Sylvan Franchisee Spotlight - Scott Lindsey

Posted by Scott Lindsey on Jan 5, 2015

Educational Brand Ambassador

Scott Lindsey has stretched his entrepreneurial goals with Sylvan Learning overseas and has returned to the United States to take on a new endeavor with his new ownership of the Falls Church, Va., location.

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Visionary Leaders Share How American Education Can Advance From B- To A+

Posted by Ali Dougherty on Dec 22, 2014

Sylvan's CEO, Jeff Cohen, was selected as one of four visionary leaders, who represent breakthrough education models, to talk to about technology, economics and the future of American education. Check out the full article below:

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Brain Dump: How to Clear Your Mind

Posted by Laura Dunn on Dec 18, 2014

Is your mind full of what you need to do today, or what needs to be achieved by the end of the week? Perhaps you’re working towards longer-term goals, mentally checking off your accomplishments in your mind?
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5 Networking Tips to Build Your Franchise

Posted by Susan Gunelius on Dec 16, 2014

Both online and offline networking are powerful forms of marketing that can drive positive results for your franchise. However, networking doesn’t come easily to everyone, and even those people who are comfortable working a room or striking up conversations with strangers can make mistakes.

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Holiday Gifts for the Business Owner

Posted by Laura Dunn on Dec 8, 2014

I find buying holiday gifts hard, and it’s even harder to give suggestions when family and friends ask what they can get for me! If you’re looking to buy a gift for a business owner this holiday season here are some of my suggestions!

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5 Tips to be a Magnetic Brand Champion for Your Franchise

Posted by Susan Gunelius on Dec 3, 2014

As a franchise owner, you’re the face of your franchise, and if you’re not, you should be. No other person will believe in your business more than you will, and your passion for your business can easily translate into powerful franchise marketing results.

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