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Family recognized as highest revenue Sylvan franchisee

Posted by Sylvan Learning Corporate on Oct 21, 2016

The Malone family of Michigan was recently recognized as the franchisee with the highest revenue across the entire Sylvan Learning system.

Robert Malone purchased the original center in Grand Rapids in 1985, and since then, the whole family has become involved. Malone's daughters, Molly Ebers and Hillary Malone Tilton, and Malone Tilton's husband, Sean Tilton, have taken over the running of the business.

“My sister and I, we grew up with the business,” Ebers said. “And now, we’re all part of the next generation bringing a different skillset to our upper management structure, and I think that allows us to be successful.”

The Malones first have been a part of the Sylvan system for more than 30 of the company's nearly 40-year history, and the family now owns 14 locations across the Minneapolis and West Michigan area.

“(The Malones) are definitely representative of a family franchise that’s unique in terms of how much skin they have in the game,” Sylvan vice president of operations, Susan Valverde, said. “And they’re unique because Sylvan is more than a business, it’s a legacy and they impact so much in terms of living the brand values and how they execute the Sylvan Learning business plan.”

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The Sylvan Q&A Series: Alan Catlett, VP of Product Management

Posted by Laura Dunn on Aug 22, 2016

We’re keen to spotlight the experience and achievement of Sylvan’s staff, and we’re excited to share a new Q&A series on the franchise blog.

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Shifting from Corporate America to Sylvan Franchise Owner

Posted by Susan Gunelius on Jul 1, 2016

Candice DeVane is the new owner of a Sylvan Learning franchise in San Diego, California, but she didn’t always work in education. And she’s never owned a business before. That didn’t stop her from leaving a successful engineering career and moving across the country to pursue her dreams of educating children as a Sylvan Learning franchisee.

I had the opportunity to ask Candice how she seamlessly made the shift from Corporate America to franchise owner with a smile on her face (and moving to the other side of the country as she did it). Here’s what she told me:

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Sylvan's National Find Your EDGE event with Bill Nye

Posted by Amy Przywara on Apr 23, 2015


On Tuesday, Sylvan launched Sylvan EDGE to the public at the Find Your EDGE national event in New York City.  In attendance were mommy bloggers and media, who got to meet Bill Nye and experience our Sylvan EDGE programs. It was an exciting day! Click here to view a segment that aired on CNBC Squawk on the Street with Jeff Cohen, CEO of Sylvan Learning, and Bill Nye.

Kim Teixeira, Sylvan's franchisee in Chesapeake, Virginia attended the event and represnted Sylvan at the Math Edge station.  Kim competed with other Sylvan franchisees for the opportunity to attend.

Local events are happening this weekend throughout North America. Find an event near year at  Sylvan is leading the way in bringing accessible, fun STEM education to families and we couldn't be more excited to spread the word.  


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Sylvan Franchisee Spotlight - Tony Brogan

Posted by Tony Brogan on Feb 5, 2015

Retail Executive

Meet Tony Brogan, who left his executive role at JC Penney to become a Sylvan multi-unit franchisee in Dallas, TX.

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Sylvan Annual Conference - What a Success!

Posted by Ali Dougherty on Oct 24, 2014

What a week! From the hot California sun, to the insightful pre-conference sessions to the exciting new products and marketing solutions, and of course the celebration party - I think we can call the 2014 Sylvan Annual Conference a great success!

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Joint Meetings with Sylvan’s Franchise Owners Association Foster Alignment

Posted by Ali Dougherty on Jul 30, 2014

Earlier this month, the board members of Sylvan's Franchise Owners Association (FOA) came to corporate headquarters for our joint quarterly leadership meeting. During the most recent meeting, we focused on the collaboration of key business initiatives. The FOA Board also received updates from Sylvan leadership about the roadmap for 2015 and beyond. The FOA Board and the Sylvan corporate team meet in person each quarter to ensure ongoing collaboration and have countless other calls to ensure follow through on initiatives.

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The Power of Franchise Engagement

Posted by Barbara Timm-Brock on Jul 24, 2014

Each year the International Franchise Association (IFA) produces a conference with educational sessions for franchise executives. The Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) track attracts corporate and franchisee participants, which is a great venue for sharing and networking. Thanks to active IFA Sylvan Franchisee Barry Miller,  I've had the honor of presenting and facilitating educational sessions in past years, where I've met outstanding leaders. This year I treated myself to two CFE sessions as a full participant, and they were terrific. 

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Retired Sylvan Franchisee Leaves Legacy in Midwest Community

Posted by Barbara Timm-Brock on Jun 12, 2014

I recently had the pleasure of attending a retirement celebration in the Midwest for one of our first-generation Sylvan Learning Franchisees, Ellen Jacobsen.

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