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What I’ve Learned From Starting a Lean In Circle

Posted by Laura Dunn on Sep 18, 2014

Lean_In_logoLast year I started a Lean In Circle with one of my close friends. We had both read Sheryl Sandberg’s bestselling book and found the advice to be useful and motivating.

Our Circle met every month and each of us has benefitted in some way from following the program. The Circle started meeting around the time I started to seriously consider starting my own business. So, how has the Circle impacted upon my business?

Boosted my confidence- it took a big leap of faith to try something different, and doing so has boosted my confidence. I now feel more confident in my work and meeting new people as a result of the Circle.

Expanded my network- the Circle was mainly made up of people that my friend and myself had only spoken to on Twitter, and some we had never even met! As a result, I’ve made many new connections and have expanded my network.

New opportunities- new opportunities came my way as a result of starting the Circle, and they probably wouldn’t have happened any other way!

Say ‘yes’ to all opportunities- perhaps the best thing that has happened from the Circle is my attitude to saying ‘yes’ to all opportunities. It has led to some great moments, some great connections and a highly positive attitude to exploring life’s possibilities!

Have you participated in a Lean In Circle? Do you think being a Circle member would help your business? 

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