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What is the Emotional Return of Owning a Franchise?

Posted by Laura Dunn on Sep 6, 2016

Starting a franchise is one of the most challenging and fulfilling things that you can do.

Emotions can test the commitment and resolve of the most hardened entrepreneur, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

If you are about to become a franchisee or already in the process, what is the emotional return of owning a franchise?


Fulfillment: Above all, owning a franchise is a fulfilling experience and for many entrepreneurs, it marks the accomplishment of a lifelong professional dream. It is perhaps the most worthwhile emotional return!

Community spirit: If your franchise is based in the area in which you live and grew up in, giving back to the community is of the most heartening emotional returns.

Imposter syndrome: One of the more negative returns of owning a franchise could be the experience of imposter syndrome. Felt by individuals when they feel they aren’t achieving their goals or objectives, imposter syndrome is a common emotional experience of many entrepreneurs.

Over-commitment: With a drive for your business to perform well, it is common to be over-committed to future success. Be careful not to emotionally exhaust yourself as well as over stretching yourself and your team.

The entrepreneur bond: Owning a franchise is an experience like no other, and it’s one that only other business owners can relate to. Use this emotional return to build connections with others, as well as search for new business and networking opportunities. 


What emotional return have you experienced as a Sylvan franchisee? Share your thoughts in the comments.