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What’s the Vision for Innovation in STEM Education?

Posted by Laura Dunn on Oct 7, 2016

STEM is an increasingly important education for children, and with the demand from employers for skills in science, technology, engineering and math, it’s vital that we all push for the subject to be on the agenda.

A new report released earlier this month by the American Institutes for Research and the US Department of Education has set out what needs to be done over the next decade to promote STEM.

According to the report, STEM education across the US would have six main characteristics:


  • "Communities of practice," in which educators and professionals share tools and resources
  • Learning activities that encourage students to play and take risks
  • Interdisciplinary projects that call on students to use several disciplines to solve problems
  • Flexible learning spaces, so students are engaging in the natural world or technical labs as well as in traditional classrooms
  • Performance assessments that are innovative and accessible
  • Messaging around STEM that shows diverse people participating in STEM fields and activities.


The 2026 vision also includes technology companies creating programs that could increase diversity and inclusiveness.

Sylvan Learning is committed to improving access to STEM for its students, and we are the biggest provider of STEM programs in North America. From coding to robotics, math edge to engineering, our programs are fun and focused on a hands-on experience. For further details on our STEM opportunities visit the Sylvan Edge page.

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