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Why Your Business Should be Using the Cloud

Posted by Laura Dunn on Sep 13, 2016

Cloud computing is an essential tool for running your franchise. Technology can help to alleviate common, everyday problems that franchises and small businesses face, as well as increasing efficiency and operations.

If you’re not yet using cloud based software here are the benefits you could be experiencing.


Disaster recovery: Coud based software is ideal for keeping your important franchise documents backed up, with easy access for if and when a problem does occur. Peace of mind and safe storage are key things that a franchise owner wants!

Increased collaboration: Moving work to the cloud can help increase collaboration between teams and bring a new level of creativity to the workday. Using free applications like Google Documents ensures that colleagues can work simultaneously on big projects with employers able to track and monitor progress.

Flexibility: Cloud based software is a key factor in flexible and remote working. On a well deserved vacation? Accessing your cloud based applications enables you to check in on what’s happening at your franchise from any location.

Security: Franchise owners have a legal obligation to keep customer data safe and secure. Cloud based computing enables the safe and organized storage of data and complies with rules and regulations.

Good for the environment: Cloud based computing cuts down on unnecessary use of paper resources, helping to save costs and the environment. Double the benefit!


Is your franchise using cloud based computing? Share your experiences with us in the comments.

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